Day Trip to Bardoli


I can barely believe that my second week in India is already over! To give a quick overview of some of the things that happened this past week (I need that narrator's voice that's like "Previously.. on Eric in Kadod..), I started Spoken English classes, said goodbye to my first co-teacher, said hello to my new co-teacher, had 3 pants made/tailored, and engaged in an hour long conversation with the tailors about the history of the Korean War (you know, the usual).

After Saturday classes, I was ready to get out of town for a bit and do some more exploring. So, we decided to see some of Bardoli, a city just about 30 minutes by bus from Kadod. Visiting Bardoli was a nice change of pace, but not like the kind of change I experienced in Surat the weekend before (thank goodness). We roamed the streets, visited some stores, and ate at a restaurant called U.S. Pizza. Yes, they had American style pizzas! (all veg though) Anyways, there isn't much more to explain. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and a video of a very crowded bus ride back to Kadod! (more pictures on flickr)
bardoli neighborhood
bardoli children playing
u.s. pizza!


Love2Teach said...

love love love the video lmao

Safal Shiksha said...

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