New Kids on the Block


Introducing the newest members of the Nanubhai team in Kadod, we have David, Apeksha, and Adarsh. Apeksha and David are both sophomores at M.I.T., and Adarsh is Apeksha's cousin, a sophomore in high school. They'll be joining us in the wonderful village of Kadod doing field work/research for Nanubhai and also spearheading their own project concerning women's education and advancement in India.

For the past couple of days, they've been going from classroom to classroom giving students a questionnaire designed to evaluate the effectiveness of English education at the high schools in Kadod and Madhi. Some of the questions ask students to describe their favorite and least favorite activities, how English classes could be improved, and how satisfied they are with the amount of English they're learning. I'm sure a lot of the responses will be very helpful, but it was a challenge to keep students from just copying responses off their neighbor's form. In one class, a few students (out of 58) wrote their own responses, and the rest of the students just waited until their neighbor copied answers from their neighbor, and so on and so forth. In total, we got about 5 unique responses.

It's been fun having them here though! David's got us all doing P90X workouts at night, which is turning out to be a great way to bond. We're about to watch 3 Idiots, a Bollywood movie I've only been hearing amazing things about, so until next time, namaste!


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