We're Getting There


A few weeks ago, Yogesh, my co-teacher, and I made an agreement that if I taught him how to speak English more fluently/accurately, he would teach me Hindi. At the get go, we had a pretty hard time communicating with each other. For example, I'd say something like "We should think about how we can get the students more interested in their English lessons." He would stare at me for a couple of seconds then turn back to his work hoping that whatever I just said didn't need a response.

Since then, we've taken huge leaps in our ability to communicate with each other, but there's still more work to be done. We had this conversation yesterday:

Me: What exactly do people mean when they say Muhje samaj pari?
Yogesh: (says something that I just could not understand) Do you understand?
Me: ... No.
Yogesh: I know. (laughs and puts up his hand for a high-five)


electric broccoli man said...

Hahaha, I love it. Isn't it just these moments that make you love your experience? I had a lot of similar ones in China that went something like:

ME: ... dlskdjfdf. Do you know what "dlskdjfdf" means?
OTHER: Oh, is it skldfjsldkf lfsjsdk sdlfj dfj [in Chinese]?
ME: ... Probably.

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