Monsoon Season's Scorching Exit


I'd been looking forward to this time of the year for months, when the monsoon rains come to an end and temperatures gradually start dropping to more reasonable levels. I was unaware, though, that for the last couple weeks before the monsoons bid their final farewell, temperatures go through the roof! Right now, temperatures are steady around 38-40˚C (100-105˚F), and they'll get up to 43˚C (110˚F) by next week!

Summers growing up in Georgia have taught me a few tricks that are coming in handy: pillow-flipping, t-shirts in the freezer, and wet towels to cover my face to name a few. Does anyone have any other suggestions or a free air-conditioning unit they could offer?


E! said...

pillowcase in the freezer!

glad youre feeling better.

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