Extra Power?


After Saturday classes, I went out into town with a small shopping list but decided to stop by and chat with my friend, our neighborhood tailor. We were sharing chai in the back of his shop, and he was describing how he makes chai back at his house. For the most part, I was able to piece together what he was telling me in Hindi until he started describing his favorite, special ingredient.

"_____ kya hai?" I asked, which means "What is _____?"
"Oh, best ingredient. Extra power!" he replied.

Every time he said the words "extra power," he winked and made an A-OK gesture with his hand. I was extremely confused, but he was so adamant about me knowing his favorite ingredient that he would use more and more complicated Hindi which, of course, did not help. "Extra power!" he kept repeating. Finally, he grabbed a pen and paper and drew what he was trying to describe. He wasn't even halfway finished drawing when I realized what it was. Marijuana. Extra power!

He assured me that he only uses a pinch (however much that is) to make several cups. After a hard day at work, I wonder if he still only uses a pinch. Because the way he says "extra power," winks, and gives me the A-OK sign is so hysterical, this post will hopefully be updated on Monday with an in-person interview when I ask him how he makes his special chai.


Tim said...

Tailor FTW

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