Leopard Attack


For the past couple of years, Kadod and nearby villages have had a leopard problem. I was made aware of this a few weeks ago. Every now and then, either someone will venture too far into the jungle or a leopard will find a way into someone's home, but in any case, the result is often not too favorable for team humans. Luckily, no one has yet to be killed by a leopard (please, knock on the nearest wood).

It was another normal day for a family in their house just a couple of kilometers outside of Kadod proper. The mother of the household was out in the market, leaving her 2 year old son, husband and father at home. It was around 4pm when the father heard a commotion in the kitchen at the back of the house. He froze at the doorway when he was met by the eyes of a full-grown male leopard. What transpired in the next few seconds is hardly believable. While screaming at his father-in-law to grab an axe, he lunged at the leopard with one of his elbows pointing outward. The leopard clenched his teeth on the father's elbow and began viciously gnawing away. Using all his strength to keep the leopard's head stationary, he screamed for his father-in-law to swing at the leopard's head with the axe. After a few decisive blows, the leopard was killed.

After replaying the story in my mind several times, I couldn't think of anything else the father could have done to protect his family, especially his two year old son. Throwing a chair or some other object would probably have just provoked the leopard, and running would probably have been a worse option. I think it's incredible that he was able to make the split-second decision to sacrifice himself for the sake of the people he loved. When the son grows up, I hope he'll always value and appreciate his dad's bravery and love.

How to Survive a Bear Attack: Could I substitute bear for leopard if I came back home to a leopard in the kitchen? What do you guys think? (thanks HY for the great advice!)


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