Learning an Indian Gesture


There's a gesture that people use all the time here. Imagine putting the fingertips of your right hand close to your mouth and then throw your hand forward while flicking your fingers out. It's something that I see over and over again, but I never asked anyone what it meant until yesterday. I needed to make a couple photocopies, and Yogesh told me he'd ask a school worker to get it done for me. He called over Vikrum, one of the funnier workers, and began talking to him in Gujarati. After a few seconds, Vikrum walked away laughing, and Yogesh did the gesture in Vikrum's direction.

"Yogesh, why did you do that gesture?" I was expecting him to answer with some comments on Indian culture or customs, maybe remarks on how it's a multi-faceted expression, but instead, this is all he said.
"I did because Vikrum is useless."

Not related, but a picture from dinner at a nearby temple last night! Me with some of Vimulbhai's family.

Me with Vimulbhai's family


alexlee said...

haha ur starting to blend in it took me a while to realize which one you wer

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