Geckos, My New Friends


When I learned that geckos will eat the insects in our bedroom, they've become some of my new best friends. Zach and I are mesmerized by their agility, cunning, and masterful execution. We think this clip may have a spot in the next Planet Earth.


ナタイーオング said...

ERIC!!! of all things to blog about why must you blog about geckos?!?! they are possibly my LEAST favorite living beings in the whole wide world hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I love the gecko video. I too am a big fan of having a gecko in the room as it can rid the room of the bugs that bite!!

It's great to read your blog and to learn about your teaching adventures!! So glad to read about how flexible you are in terms of the changing demands of the schedule etc! Glad to read that the TEFL course has already come in handy!

Emilie (TEFL instructor)

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